Apparel Pattern Design Grading and Marking Service

B. Pattern Making (3 to 10 Business Days)

If you don’t have a pattern, we will help you to make one. We must make a pattern of your garment before we can make your first sample. Additionally, every time you adjust or alter your garment, the pattern has to be adjusted accordingly.

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Apparel Pattern Design , Grading and Marking Service.


  • All Purchase Orders, adjustments, and other directives for both sample making and production, must be received by mail, email, or fax and in explicit terms.
  • Precise quotes can be difficult to provide during the initial phases of pre-production, especially if many variables remain undetermined. Some of the variables that will determine production costs include fabric, cost of sewing, trims and notions, and other inputs. Early quotes are often ballpark figures until the details have been determined. The accuracy of our quotes increases as the inputs of your garment are finalized.
  • Each time you make an alteration to your production sample, your delivery date will likely be delayed.
  • Production takes from 4 to 10 weeks. We know we mentioned this earlier. Please keep it in mind.

To Know More about it and any other inquires kindly contact me below

Paromita Das

Freelance Fashion Designer ( Technical Clothing Designer )
# 33 , 2nd “A” Cross , Vijaya Bank Colony Extn.
Horamavu, Bangalore – 560043 ( India )

Born and Brought up in Agartala Tripura and studied Fashion in NIFT Kolkata and settled in Bangalore, Paromita has sailed a long way for the ultimate desire to become the proud daughter of Tripura and trying myself to become one of the preferred designer. Currently Paromita is am working with couple of International and domestic brands as a lead design consultant .Trying to uplift the Indian Hand loom Weavers through my designs and make them recognized in the international market. Paromita Currently on the process of Lunching my new label in near future.

Freelance Clothing Designer expert in Technical Designing (Tech Pack Design),  Paromita Das is currently on the process of building up a lot of good brands Internationally. As a Freelance Tech Pack Designer Paromita Das is able to integrate both technical and creative designing skills to create cross-Country and cross-Culture apparel designing with a new and distinct outlook towards the modern fashion technology with a traditional touch.

Paromita has more than 12 years of experience in Apparel and Fashion Industry as Clothing Designer and Garment Fit Technician. As Fashion Tech pack Designer and Consultant she has consistent track record of completing projects ahead of schedule and under budget. Experienced in designing apparel of all kind , which suits to relate to the industry requirements as well as compatible to the new outlook. Paromita has Complete Understanding on the future Fashion trends. A Constant Follower of W.G.S.N for the latest trend Magazine .All India Toper in Fine Arts conducted by Chandigarh University in the year 1998. Best Student of the year 2005 in NIFT Kolkata for designing and Trend Forecasting. Currently a Part of Lunching a huge Retail Brand in Sweden.

As a Freelance Clothing Designer handling various clients in USA and Canada and work with them for providing Tech pack , Designer Clothing Consultation, Apparel Tech Pack Detailing , Tech Pack Designing .The tech pack consist of Flat Sketch , Stitching Details and Measurement spec sheet. I Provide Technical Design for many clothing brands in USA , CANADA , Netherlands and Bulgaria as a Contemporary Apparel Designer and my work span consist of designing T Shirt , Graphic Design for Clothes, Women’s Clothing and Fashion illustration as per the specification of the clothing companies.