Apparel Production Sourcing Service

Fabric Development for Your Fashion Line Sheet Line Sheet

A. Fabric Sourcing and Custom Milling

There are two options in terms of how we manufacture your fabric. The first option is “Grade A” fabrics that are readily available in our stocks. This option works best with smaller quantities since it is one of the quickest and least expensive methods.

Your second option is to have the fabric you want custom knit and died. The minimum is generally 500 yards, and that yardage can be died two or three colors. This option is best when a specific blend, weight, and texture are desired.

B. Our Dye House Services (4 to 10 business days)

Piece dying, garment dying, and a variety of washes and rinse are available to our Particular Brand customers. Color matches are achieved through dyeing to match and lab dipping.

Piece dyeing is dyeing the fabric before sewing. Garment dyeing takes place after the garment is sewn.

Lab dipping is how an exact match and custom color is accomplished. Dyeing to match is quicker but less precise. Colors are matched to swathes, samples, or Pantone Colors provided by you. (Swatch cards from the paint department of your favorite hardware store work well.)

The dye house is also an industrial laundry that uses rinse and washes to give your garment a distinctive look and feel. Just like jeans, many fabrics can be stone washed, mineral rinsed, and enzyme rinsed to make them softer and more distinctive.

Lace, ribbon, cord, tape and various trims can all be dyed to match your garments.

C. Buttons, Snaps, Rivets, Zippers, Lace, Ribbon, Trim, Tape, and Notions

We offer custom manufacturing to your accessories. You can customize your logo and brand name on your accessories. Please keep in mind that some accessories have minimums for customizing. If you need our help on customizing we will send you sample accessories that you can choose from our various samples.

D. Embroidery, Silk Screening, and Additional Services

Embroidery, silk screening, laser engraving, embossing, and other embellishments are all available. Please keep in mind that artwork involves numerous approvals and will lengthen your time lines.