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Tech Pack Designer for many of the known design studios in, USA , Canada , UK and many other European Countries.My specialties are in Technical Design (Tech Pack Design) for – Men’s Wear, Women’s Wear, Casual Wear & Ethnic Wear & also in T-Shirt Graphic Designing. Kindly go through My Online portfolio for more details.

Fashion Portfolio – Paromita Das

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Working Process: I design tech pack with the following details:

1. Complete Rendered Illustration, Flat Sketch.

2. Color Combo Details with rendered Illustration and Panton Color mentioned

3. Construction details with Zoomed Illustrated details of important areas of the garment.

4. Graphic details with color combos.

5. Graphic Placement Details

6. Measurement Spec Sheet with size detail (Included measurement of all sizes)
7. Trim details (Labels, Tags, and Accessories etc)

8. Measurement Spec Sheet.

How I Facilitate My Service:

You may send the detailed photograph of your garment to create the tech pack. As for measurements it must be provide by you for each size. I can even make Tec Pack from a hand scribbled sketch. I can provide the Tech pack in .CDR Corel Draw or .PDF Adobe PDF file.

Tech Pack Sample

Tech pack Design Process ( Sample Tech Pack )

Paromita Das – Fashion Designer from India.  The reason for writing this mail to you is to know the process of raising funds for my own collection which I am planning to launch next year. I am looking out for Factors, Investors, Sponsors for my own Collection firstly.

Secondly I have a lot of clients in USA who are Start Ups and would like to make their first collection which I have designed to the next level. Next level as in – They would like to make their first collection to production and put it on the stores.
The process works like the below.

1. They make the designs through me.
2. They make the samples
3. Put their collection on some shows and try gathering the customers. Some other means are personal meeting with the retailers and wholesaler, through website etc.
4. Once the order quantity is fixed there they look out for Factors, Inverters & sponsorship to make the collection to the production level.

So the above two reason I seek assistance/ help/ advise how I and my clients should proceed further. To know more about me kindly go through the following links. ( My official Site where i would be putting my Online shopping cart ) ( My designer blog post) ( The service I provide to my international customers ) ( “Tech Pack Design Procedure” ) ( “Tech Pack , Sample , Manufacturing Procedure” ) ( Some trend research ) ( My portfolio )

Your advice and help is highly appreciated.

PS: Can you please send me an invite on LinkedIn so that we can be connected?

Paromita Das
Bangalore (India)
Tel – +91 80 – 41261764, 09480449614 /


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