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Quality Assurance and Control in Apparel Production & Shipping

J. Independent Audits

When your products are ready to ship, our independent Audits will randomly check %30 of your products. These Audits are independent. This means even the general manager or the owner has no rights to interfere their process and judgments.

The procedure is as follows:

They will randomly check %30 of the boxes. (Dimensions, weight , on-box stickers and the inner pieces as if they are mentioned as same as on the box stickers.)

  • They will randomly choose %30 of the packed garments and open them to check their bags, folding type, quality, look, accessories to see as if they were manufactured as your standards and specifications.
  • Audits will measure %30 of your garment to see as if they were manufactured as your standards and specifications.
  • If the Audits will find more than %2 problems with the checked garments, they order to open and check all your products according to their critics. After the check, they will audit again.

K. Working Loss and Over Cuts

Each stage of production may result in some loss and substandard work that must be culled during quality control and Audit check. In anticipation of this, we will cut and sew a few extra pieces. You can expect your final production to be within 5%, plus or minus, of your expected count. In the event that we manufacture a slight overage, it is expected that the customer will accept it.


A. Terms and Carriers

In case of air shipment takes about 3 to 6 days. (Depending where you located) All merchandise will be shipped directly from Turkey to the nearest airport. Air Freight fee is included in the price.

B. Customs Clearance and Delivery

Client will custom clears your products and delivers your products to your address at your cost.

Custom tax for textile products is usually between percent 2% to %18 of the total merchandise value. Delivering your products to your address will be between 300$ to 800$

C. Notice of Claims

Notice of Claims such as shortages or quality problems must be submitted within 5 days of receipt of the goods. Claims may not be submitted if the client has altered the goods. Examples of these alterations include dying, printing, embellishing, cutting and sewing. All claims must be submitted in writing.

D. Returns and Credit

After evaluating a claim, Client may authorize a return by issuing a Return Authorization (“RA”). Returns are not accepted without an authorization. We will not accept any merchandise claims if additional processing has altered the garments. Credit may be issued upon receipt of goods and inspection by the Clients’ quality control staff.


Apparel Production and Garment Manufacturing


D. Delivery, Turnaround, and Lead Times

A guideline for turnaround and delivery is 4 to 8 weeks, if you have a basic production with few embellishments and are using stock fabric. Embellishments, dying and milling fabric adds 2 to 4 more weeks to your production.

E. Grading, Sizing and Marking (1 to 3 business days)

After having reviewed and approved the sample, we grade the pattern according to your grade rules. We can assist you with deciding what size and grading scale to use. After deciding what grading scale and size range are to be produced, we proceed with getting your marker printed. The marker is the template used to cut your fabric.

F. Cutting (1 to 3 business days)

Once you have made your deposit and submitted a PO, we will purchase your fabric, print your marker, and begin cutting. Generally, no changes to your PO can be made after cutting begins.

G. Sewing (20 to 30 business days)

Sewing follows cutting unless you garments are receiving special treatments such as dyeing or embroidery.

H.  Quality Control

Clients Quality Controllers monitors every manufactured product (%100) before packing. In order to control each process for conforming standards, Quality control audits are conducted after every step of the manufacturing process.

I.  Packaging

This step involves trimming, tagging, steaming and ironing, folding or hanging, and a final quality control check to approve your garments for delivery. We offer custom Packing that you can choose your bag type, your logo on the garment bags, box type, your logo on the boxes etc. from our various packing samples. Please provide any special instructions on how you would like your product finished before your production sample approval.